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Immune Vaccinology and Integrated SysTems immunology Application 

A One-Stop Cloud Computing Platform for Systems Immunology Studies

A New Era of Systems Biology

The Precision Vaccines Program Data Management & Analysis Core (DMAC) provides a reliable data and bioinformatic infrastructure for centralized curation, storage, and analysis of multiple de-identified “omic” datasets.

A Cloud-Based Bioinformatic Analytic Infrastructure for Multi-Omic Data

The DMAC established and utilizes a cloud-based architecture using Amazon Web Services to track, store, and share data according to National Institutes of Health standards.

DMAC Core Functional Responsibilities 

Data Management

The DMAC tracks biological samples during collection, shipping, and processing while capturing sample metadata and associated clinical data. Multi-omic datasets are stored in access-controlled Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for data security and file version control.

Quality Control and Assurance of Assay Datasets

All data undergo quality control processes at the generating site followed by DMAC validation for quality assurance. The DMAC then uploads the clean data to S3.

Data Analysis and Integration

The DMAC maintains a controlled computing environment for data analysis and integration. RStudio Server Pro seamlessly integrates data stored on S3 for a controlled repository and cloud-computing environment that ensures repeatable and reproducible results.

Data Deposition

Following publication of study output, data are deposited onto public repositories, such as ImmPort and Gene Expression Omnibus.

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